Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is the officially recognized voice of parents at the school level. The PAC is composed of all parents registered in the school. School staff may be invited to PAC meetings. The PAC meeting schedule is set yearly at the first PAC meeting. PAC discusses school issues of concern and organizes presentations and topics of interest to parents.

​PAC Executive for 2019/2020:

Chair: Kim Vogt

Vice-Chair: Susan Medynski 

Treasurer: Leslie Atwell

Secretary: Leigh-Ann Johnson

COPAC Representative:  Valary Chidwick

Members at Large:  

Marni Adams

Kristin Metvedt

Jody Bekhuys 

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Email our PAC at

DRK Constitution .pdf 

2019 DRK Bylaws.pdf

Next Meeting Date:  February 19, 2020


Information Items from the Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Meeting Minutes: 

Dr. Knox PAC Minutes Oct 2018 merged.pdf

Dr. Knox PAC minutes November 2018 merged.pdf

Knox PAC Minutes Merged Jan. 2019.pdf

Dr Knox PAC Minutes May 2019 merged.pdf

PAC October 2019 Minutes.pdf 

DRK PAC minutes November 27, 2019.pdf

Budget to Actual Jan 19 2020.pdf